29 May 2012

I began working with Ann shortly after moving to Thailand. Although I had lived in another Asian country as an expat, I had a very difficult time with culture shock and the move to Bangkok. I was not sleeping and was struggling with high levels of anxiety and depression. Ann is an amazingly kind and skillful clinician. She immediately made me feel understood and supported in all I was experiencing. Ann helped me to gain insight into what was happening to me, and all the variables involved, thus enabling me to take concrete steps to gain more control of my situation. My depression resolved and my anxiety decreased considerably. I became able to cope more effectively with all the changes and challenges. Bangkok became a more interesting, intriguing and fascinating place to live. Ann also worked with me and my husband in a number of couples’ sessions. She helped us to find ways to better support each other and to increase more effective, constructive, communication between us. Ann gave us a wonderful toolbox of skills that will help us to continue to foster a loving, supportive, understanding relationship. My husband and I have gained a deeper, more appreciative, love for each other through our work with Ann.

In short, Ann White is a truly empathetic, caring, knowledgeable and brilliant therapist! Seeking out her skills and contacting her was one of the best things I did here in Bangkok. I recommend her without reservation!

29 May 2009

I went to Ann when I was burnt out, transitioning to a new, more challenging posting and at significant time of change for my young family. She worked with not only me, but also my wife and referred me to local medical professionals who helped me address the physical exhaustion that I was experiencing.

It was a holistic approach – body, mind, and in my case wife. She helped us through a difficult and scary period, one hour at a time. Looking back, I learned about myself, my wife, as well as ways to help the whole family through the transition to our new life. I still refer to the techniques more than a year later.

It was important to have someone like Ann, a professional who understands relationships and issues related to expat life, to go to and work through things. While in Bangkok in a foreign culture, away from family and usual support resources , it’s not easy to find people who can listen and most importantly help. I found that person in Ann.

30 June 2009

I would like to testify to the value of counselling. Often one member of the couple is more keen to participate than another (in my case I was keener). In some cultures it is seen as unmanly to go to a counselor, being viewed as more a womens thing. Therefore even going together was a major step forward. My argument for going was that our relationship was so deteriorated that we needed to get counseling in order to be able to have reasonable dialogue and to communicate correctly. Ann gave us the skills and confidence to do this.

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